Hi, I'm Sinan. A Product Designer from Toronto.

My path to becoming a designer has been filled with adventure.

It began with telling my family I'd like to transfer from nuclear engineering into business so I could create a tech startup. I overcame my fear of public speaking by approaching people as a street fashion photographer, appearing in a few Samsung #BeFearless Fear of Public Speaking commercials. I started that app company, flew to South Korea to compete with 80 out of 1800 amazing companies from around the world for 5 months, appearing on a Korean TV show, and more...

There was a lesson and experience in every adventure that I've been on. It has shaped me to be the confident and driven designer that I am today.

With a focus on visual storytelling, I strive to take a bit of inspiration from all my past experiences and incorporate it in some aspect with my designs. I'm very passionate about the future of mobile commerce! I've watched The Office 5 times! :)

If you'd like to talk about design or how design can empower and impact people on their shopping journey, let's grab some coffee! 

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